Danielle Louise Ross

Danielle Louise Ross

Inspire a Loyal Following
(without compromise)

What if you could inspire a loyal following of raving fans and customers, who love “what you do,” who tell their friends (without you asking), and keep coming back for more?

What would be possible for you?

What would be possible for them?

Even better:

What if you could do all that, without having to sound like someone else, market yourself using cheesy or fear-based jargon, or otherwise twisting yourself into a pretzel? 🙂

What if you could make your business the ultimate WIN-WIN for you and your clients?

If that sounds like you, we are kindred spirits.

I’m here today, with a global coaching practice and a loyal following, because I wasn’t willing to compromise. I wasn’t willing to compromise my life to work I didn’t love, and that was anything short of my true potential.

That said, sometimes compromise can be sneaky (and seductive)…

During my 4th year as a full-time entrepreneur, I began waking up to consistent feelings of dread. The marketplace was changing and so was I. Programs that used to sell weren’t anymore. My passion for my previous offerings had dwindled. My path felt suddenly unclear.

This gave way relentless second guessing, and compromising my voice and values in big, small and subtle ways. I began mimicking teachers, trainers, and gurus and Their Way to business success, rather than listening to myself and my instincts.

Cue: painful, downward spiral and the worst financial year of my business life.

The good news was this experience served as a major wake up call.

If you have ever felt this way, I believe this can be your wake up call too.

I realized I had nothing left to lose, so why not show up for the business and life I truly wanted?

I let go of all things that brought dread into my world- the not-ideal clients, the training programs that didn’t resonate, my fear of failure…and equipped myself with a new coach and outlook.

I gave up the compromise, the fight and the hustle. I surrendered to my deepest purpose.

One year later, I had more repeat customers, referrals and success stories than ever before. Not to mention financial stability…and I was happier than I had ever been. Ever.

I want this for you too.

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For more about me and my work, check out: intuitivespeaking.com